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ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Control
Product Testing & Inspection Solutions

Oil City Iron Works, Inc. maintains a meticulous quality assurance program in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 certification standards. From our cutting-edge foundry to our CNC machine shop, we are outfitted with the industry’s latest quality control technology and testing equipment, enabling us to deliver superior manufacturing services.

From prototype to production, from your design to shipment, Oil City Iron Works, Inc. offers our expert quality control and inspection services for all of your custom precision-engineered products.

Our State-of-the-Art Foundry Utilizes the Casting Industry’s Most Advanced Quality Control Tools & Inspection Technology


Solidification/Flow Software allows us to implement the most reliable production process to achieve chemically and mechanically sound castings. We have the engineering capability to virtually alter custom tooling designs, allowing us to anticipate and minimize casting defects. The result is maximum casting quality with reduced production waste and costs, as well as a decrease in the turnaround time required to bring your products to market.

Capture 3D ATOS Q

Our foundry utilizes the Atos Q – an industry-leading 3D scanner that uses blue light technology to provide 12 million precision points of data per scan. This advanced engineering software tool provides accurate data for conventional layouts, overlays and comparisons against a solid model, along with the ability to quickly measure complex features of your custom castings and CNC-machined products.


Our optimized production line utilizes a digital image management system to capture, organize and communicate testing results to our customers with streamlined efficiency. This enables our foundry to offer truly collaborative manufacturing solutions backed by hard data and unbeatable production results.

Niton XL5 Plus

Our handheld analyzer allows us to perform non-destructive testing of finished castings to detect up to 33 elements, providing a geochemical property analysis on completed castings to ensure material chemistry specifications are met for RoHS, REACH and Prop65.