Ductile Iron

Specifing Spec.TypicalClass orTensileYield%Heat Other
ASTMA-395-99Pressure Containing 60-40-18604018Normally Special chemical
  Parts at Elevated60-45-15604515Annealedand BHN requirements 
  Temperatures     as ASTM stipulates.
65-45-12654512May RequireChemical
    Annealingcomposition is 
  Standard Use For80-55-0680556 subordinate to
  Ductile Iron Castings     physical properties
100-70-03100703Normalizedexcept if specified
     on the PO and by
120-90-02120902Quenched and our mutual agreement.
  Special Applications80-60-0380603  

Ref: ASTM Annual Book of Standards Ferrous Castings: Ferroalloys
Most common grades poured at Oil City.
Section 1 Volume 01.02 for additional data.