Austempered Ductile Iron

   MinimumMinimum   Chemical  
Specifing Spec.Type:TensileYield%Impact  Requirements %Notes:
   PSI:PSI: ft-lb Max.  Max.    
ASTMA 897110/70/11110701180241-        

The austempering process 
  130/90/0913090975269-Although this specification hasis preformed off site at a
       341no specific chemical requirements,approved vendor.
  150/110/07150110760302-such requirements may be agreed Due to differences in the 
       375upon between the manufacturer,mechanical properties and
  175/125/04175125445341-heat treater and the purchaser.chemical composition of the
       444 different grades, Oil City may

require minimum order 

quantities due to induction

 melting requirements.

Ref: ASTM Annual Book of Standards Ferrous Castings: Ferroalloys

Section 1 Volume 01.02 for additional data.